Brad and Cliff are the co-founders of WorkforPie. A place where developers can link their profiles to various coding communities and get an aggregate score that will easily allow others to see their knowledge, participation, and reputation in one score.

Work4Pie is a new company that was born from the Seedhatchery‘s first group of companies. So, if you’re a developer you should go sign up over at WorkforPie and see what your score is.

Ashley Mooney

In 2000 Ashley launched Datalawyer.Com, a cloud based document management service that allowed AMLAW Top 100 firms to search millions of pages of documents through the web. Datalawyer.Com was used in the largest class action lawsuit in our nations history. To date has been used in suits  for over 10 years with judgements exceeding 15 billion. Ashley is married with two children who he loves boating with when not behind the computer.