This is Memphis: Part Deux

Last year over the course of 3 weeks, I was able to shoot 131 portraits of Memphians who were involved in all walks of life. You can see the results of that hectic month over at

So much has happened since that time, because of that project, that I want to continue my exploration of the people of Memphis in 2012. My goal is to take 100 portraits of people in their work spaces, their creative environments. I want to meet people from all walks of life, people that work with their hands, and businessmen who structure the deals that help build this amazing city.

I want to tell the stories of the people that drive this city. Everyone has a story, I would like to have the opportunity to tell as many as I can. I plan on shooting every weekend, to reach my goal of 100 by the end of the year.

But I can’t do this alone, I need your help. I need people to volunteer to be subjects, and to spread the word of the project. If someone is interested, please e-mail me at mkcardwell (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject THIS IS MEMPHIS. Or tweet to me @ThisisMemphis or @Stuicide.

I can’t wait to see what this year is going to bring.


Brad and Cliff are the co-founders of WorkforPie. A place where developers can link their profiles to various coding communities and get an aggregate score that will easily allow others to see their knowledge, participation, and reputation in one score.

Work4Pie is a new company that was born from the Seedhatchery‘s first group of companies. So, if you’re a developer you should go sign up over at WorkforPie and see what your score is.

Live from Memphis

Christopher Reyes and Sarah Fleming are the minds behind Celebrating it’s 10th anniversary, Live from Memphis is a great resource for creatives looking to connect, collaborate, and create. They create an online magazine, multiple webseries, live events, and various social media engagements.

They work on several projects around the Memphis area such as Which gives Memphians 60 seconds to showcase their talents in front of the camera.

Follow them on Twitter: @LivefromMemphis

Logan the Blacksmith

I met Logan when I went by the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Downtown Memphis. It’s just south of the main stretch of downtown, and is a really cool place. There’s a museum with an amazing collection of metal sculptures inside, and in their courtyard is an ever changing display of larger metal works.

Beyond the courtyard, is the Blacksmith’s shop where I stopped by to see what it’s like. Blacksmiths are kind of a lost art, and to see people bend metal with their hand tools is really amazing. If you have any broken metalwork, the guys at the Metal Museum can fix it.

They’re located right on the river’s edge, so there’s a great view of the river.

Colin Briton

Colin is an antique watch repairman. He’s got a small shop in East Memphis, and will work on any cool watch that you may have laying around from your grandfather’s collection. I stopped by his shop a while back and watched him at work. He does all sorts of watch repairs.